Project Name  Description  Phase  Start  Finish  Sponsor  Project Manager
NextGen (Student Administration System & Online Services The program will replace the University’s existing Student and Academic Administration System and related infrastructure and migrate myUNSW to a new Application Development Platform and framework. It will deliver new business functions that will improve services to students by leveraging the capability of the new technical platform.
The project is in 2 phases:
Phase 1 – SIMs Implementation, Patching & Extended Warranty. Complete.
Phase 2:
Release 1 - migration of myUNSW to the new platform and framework
Release 2 - implementation of agreed business functions to leverage the new platform and framework
2 02-Jan-14 Sept-15 Prof Iain Martin John Reed

Academic Domain Projects

 Project Name  Description  Phase  Start  Finish  Sponsor  Project Manager
Enhanced Applications and Admission Services Delivery of an improved Online Application system to support business processes for Applications and Admissions including:
• Improved data quality of online applications
• Online Application usage extended to more cohorts & available to agents
• Reduced turnaround time & cost for processing direct degree applications
• Capability to measure process continuous improvement
Initiation Feb-15 Jun-16 Shane Griffin
John Cepus
TELT - Assessment Tools - Analysis Development of a clear strategy and roadmap to guide 2016 TELT assessment tool planning & investment. Initiation Mar-15 Dec-15 Stephen Marshall
Anita Sharma
EMR Media Distribution - Implementation Delivery of a new media authoring and distribution service for UNSW replacing UNSWTV to distribute lectures, student media, and other non-educational media to iTunes, YouTube and other websites.  Deploy Nov-13 Apr-15 Stephen Marshall
Leslie Randolph
Academic Curriculum Information and Services (ACIS) Completion of a feasibility assessment and planning of future activities to achieve the following:
• Improved quality of Academic Curriculum Information and services available to students and staff
• Consistent Academic Curriculum Information and services available through all service delivery channels
• Efficient business services with reduced manual and duplicate effort for creating, maintaining and delivering Academic Curriculum Information and services
Initiation Feb-15 Dec-15 Sarah Thompson
Anita Sharma

Research Domain Projects

 Project Name  Description  Phase  Start  Finish  Sponsor  Project Manager
Research Long Term Data Storage Implementation This project commenced in 2013 with the objective to provide Researchers and HDR students an effective service to manage and archive research data. The SGI/Live Arc solution was selected and implemented in 2013-2014. This solution provides 3 Petabytes of long term storage in a combination of disk cache and tape. Self Service provisioning of this long term research storage has been developed and integrated into the Library’s Research Data Management Plan (RDMP) software. In 2015 the project will continue in two work streams: Work Stream 1 – LiveArc Upgrade; Work Stream 2 – Data Recovery Capability. Deliver Jan-15 Dec-15 Grainne Moran
Leslie Randolph
Research Active Data Storage Implementation Active Data Storage project will aim to achieve the following desired business outcome and benefits in 2016:
• Active Storage capability available to researchers with ‘User Pays’ cost model.
• Billing and payment capability for active storage users
• Self-serve access provisioning and storage allocation capabilities
• Support framework for Active Storage Management solution
• Upgrade BAU support website site and ‘DIY’ materials for Active storage
• UNSW wide rollout plan for Active Storage

In 2015, the project will aim to deliver the following outputs to enable feasibility assessment and planning of the future phases.
• High level target state business requirements
• List of viable solution options
• List of prioritised project initiatives
• Business Case for the Board approved solution option
• Roadmap for the Board approved solution option
Pre-Project Jan-15 Dec-15 Grainne Moran
Leslie Randolph
Research Equipment Management System - Analysis The current Research Equipment Booking system offers limited functionality and requires upgrading to address UNSW requirements for listing, booking, billing, reporting of major research equipment on campus.
The project will review of the current system and provide options based upon cost & benefit analysis and business case to assist the Board in guiding the future investment in enhancing this system.
2015 the project scope includes the delivery of following:
• Documented high level requirements for Research Equipment Management capability to enhance or replace the existing systems and processes.
• Documented As-is capabilities
• Fit gap analysis report
• Market scan to identify fit for purpose solution options
• Business case & roadmap for implementing the Board approved solution option
Pre-Project Jan-15 Dec-15 Grainne Moran
Leslie Randolph
Research Management System - Analysis Development of a clear strategy and roadmap to guide 2016 Research Management planning and investment including strategic review & business case of the current Research Management System that leads to either replacement, reconfiguration/ or augmentation of systems to achieve better management of research at UNSW and enabling greater Researcher visibility and self-service. Pre-Project Mar-15 Dec-15 Daniel Owens
Anita Sharma

Supporting Services Domain Projects

 Project Name  Description  Phase  Start  Finish  Sponsor  Project Manager
Virtual Applications & Virtual Desktop This project aims to improve the computing experience of students and staff and to resolve pain points in relation to access to faculty labs and computing resources for teaching, coursework and assessments. It will deliver a cloud based virtual applications service in line with a faculty's desire to participate.
The project scope includes: an interim on-premise virtual applications service for a subset of Business School students (successfully completed for semester 1 2015); a virtual applications pilot service for students on their own devices (Phase 1); extension of the Phase 1 service to all students (Phase 2); and a virtual applications/desktop service to staff (Phase 3).
Procurement Jul-14 Dec-15 Denise Black
Stephen Flynn
Enterprise Data Warehouse Release 2 - Student Increment 1 Delivery of a Business Intelligence reporting capability for a subset of Student data (related to student enrolments) and self-service reporting capability. Deliver Mar-14 Jun-15  Barbara Chmielewski
Abhinav Bali
HR Implementation Delivery of an updated HR & Payroll service with latest version of the Oracle Peoplesoft HR & Payroll Systems (v9.2); updated business processes that incorporate the best practices supported by the new Peoplesoft System; stable technical infrastructure to support the new Peoplesoft System. Deliver Jan-13 Feb-16 David Ward
(Human Resources)
Abbas Dangor
Organisational Mapping Implementation Delivery of an improved organisational and staff data asset. The project is run in two phases; a data capability phase: building the organisation data capability within the HR system; a data improvement phase: improving the data quality and filling in the missing data within the HR system. Deliver Oct-13 Jan-16 David Ward
(Human Resources)
Sharon Brogan

Locally Funded Projects

 Project Name  Description  Phase  Start  Finish  Sponsor  Project Manager
NextGen (Student Administration System & Online Services) Replacement of UNSW's Student and Academic System & related infrastructure and migration of myUNSW to a new Application Development Platform & framework. Delivery of new business functions that will improve services to students by leveraging the capability of the new technical platform. Phase 2 Jan-14 Jul-15 Prof Iain Martin (DVC-A) John Reed

IT Stay in Business Projects

 Project Name  Description  Phase  Start  Finish  Project Manager
Server Refresh This is an ongoing project to replace end-of-life servers that are maintained by UNSW IT. Deliver Jan-15 Dec-15 David Borkowski
IDAM Replacement (Foundation) Replacement of the end-of-life Identity Management solution. The IDAM solution uses a combination of policies, technologies and processes implemented to manage user identities and permissions to access resources throughout the identity lifecycle. Deliver Aug-13 Nov-15 Tarun Pant
Network Border Router Refresh 2015 Replacement of the network equipment that connects the UNSW network to the internet and also peer research networks. These devices are critical to the continued provision of UNSW’s external connections, reliability and the provision of ongoing support for them is essential. Deliver Jan-15 Aug-15 Reanna Mouthaan
Core Network Building Switch Refresh 2015 The core building switches in the UNSW network provide the connectivity into and out of a building. This refresh will ensure that all components within each building switch can be properly maintained and continue to provide critical network services within and between our buildings. Deliver Jan-15 Dec-15 Reanna Mouthaan
WAN Router Refresh 2015 The Wide Area Network (WAN) routers are the components of the UNSW network that connect the 26 remote UNSW campuses to our network. This upgrade will replace the existing equipment with current technology that in addition to being fully supported, will also be capable of providing increased bandwidth for future connectivity requirements. Deliver Jan-15 Aug-15 Reanna Mouthaan
Core Refresh 2015 Covers all the network equipment that is used at the centre of the UNSW network. It includes equipment providing services to the UNSW data centres, the core of the UNSW network and the centralised Digital Media Service. All of the unsupported network hardware will be replaced with supported, current technology and upgraded to provide additional bandwidth capability where growth projections show a requirement. Deliver Jan-15 Dec-15 Janina Szykowny
Aging Edge Refresh 2015 Ongoing cyclical refresh of the equipment that provides the first entry point into the network for the UNSW community. The current cycle of this project has been designed to meet the new network standard of 1Gb to the desktop. It also includes the installation of new fibre optic cable to enable these new, high speed connections to be fed back into the UNSW network at the optimal capacity. Deliver Jan-15 Aug-15 Reanna Mouthaan
Communications Cabinet Refresh Almost every room across UNSW has a communications outlet to provide network and/or voice services. These outlets terminate in a cabinet that is located within the physical length limitations of cabling for voice and network services. Many of these cabinet locations have been providing communication services for 15-20 years and the requirements for usage of the network have increased massively. This refresh will allow the expansion of services in a number of critically overloaded locations, so that these areas will still be able to obtain new services. Deliver Jan-15 Dec-15 Reanna Mouthaan
Retrofit Uniwide to Residential The project will provide pervasive wireless coverage in the remaining UNSW residential accommodation that don't currently have Uniwide services.  This will improve the student experience and provide a consistent level of service across the University owned accommodation that is not available in the other campus residences. Deliver Jan-15 Dec-15 Reanna Mouthaan
MyCloud Phase II Improve the scalability and reduce server provisioning time of new systems with both private and public cloud. Deliver Jan-15 TBC John Cepus
Backup & Storage / USPV Migration Refresh storage and backup infrastructure based on a “step change” approach that will deliver long term savings by implementing more cost effective technology solutions whilst maintaining or enhancing service capability. Deliver Jan-15 Dec-15 Toby Harrison
Office 365 (Staff) Migrate staff email and home drives to Office 365. Migrate student email and home drives to the same tenancy as staff. Migrate alumni email to the same tenancy as staff. Pre-Project Mar-15 TBC David Maiden


 Project Name  Description  Phase  Start  Finish  Sponsor  Project Manager
PS37698 - MERB 2015 The minor enhancement process provides a vehicle for the organisation to request & prioritise minor enhancements to "enterprise like" IT systems. A minor enhancement is defined as an improvement or enablement of existing functionality within an existing system or between two existing system. It is by definition “simple to execute.” Deliver Jan-15 Dec-15 Matthew Scolari Sharon Brogan

UNSW IT is also running several security projects. For information on these please contact the IT Portfolio and Project Management Office.