Planned Migration of Student Home drives

Planned Migration of Student Home drives

Planned Migration of Student Home drives Friday 1st June 2018

What is happening?
We will be carrying out emergency maintenance in order to ensure the stability and performance of our systems during the exam period next week. Maintenance will start Friday 01/06/2018 22:00.

How does this impact me?
In order to implement these improvements, you will not be able to save to your Home Drive from tonight 10:00pm Friday 01/06/2018
If you are using myAccess at Friday 01/06/2018 22:00 you will be logged out. Full access will be restored at Saturday 02/06/2018 20:00.

What do I need to do?
Please ensure you save any work prior to Friday 01/06/2018 22:00.
If you wish to continue to work on documents stored on your Home Drive, you can still access them, but please save any changes to your computer until the maintenance is complete.
After Friday 01/06/2018 23:00 you may log in to myAccess but please be aware you will not be able to save any work.
After Saturday 02/06/2018 20:00 full access will be restored, please log off and back on to any UNSW computer you may be using to restore full access to your Home Drive.

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