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Activate your zMail account

Activating Alumni Life Email

Before you can use Alumni Life Email, you need to activate it for your account in UNSW Identity Manager. Activation requires that you enter your UNSW Student ID (now your Alumni ID) and your UniPass. If you cannot recall either of these then contact the IT Service Centre for assistance. Identity Manager also accepts the recently introduced zPass password.

How to activate your Alumni Life Email

1. Log on to the UNSW Identity Manager web site at

2. Enter your UNSW Alumni ID (your old student ID in the form of z1234567) and either your UniPass or zPass password, then click 'Login'.

3. Once in IDM, scroll down the the UNSW Email Domain section.

- If you see a heading 'Your Alumni Life Email is active' then jump to step 4 'Choose a custom email alias' below.
- If you see a button labelled 'Activate Alumni Life Email' you need to click this to start the activation process.

alumni begin activation

Part of the activation requires you to agree to the UNSW Alumni Life Email conditions of use.

alumni life email terms and conditions

NOTE: Once you have finished the activation process you should wait at least two hours for your Alumni Life Email account to be generated.

You should then see the words 'Your Alumni Life Email is active' as below.

4. Choose a custom email alias. Once your UNSW Alumni Life Email account has been set up in IDM, you may like to select an email alias based on your name rather than your Alumni ID. To do this click the 'Update Alias' button and select an alternative address from the drop down menu.

set timezone

5. Set up zMail. Now that you have activated your Alumni Life Email account, you can use the zMail web interface. If you wish to use an email client on your computer, such as Outlook, Thunderbird, Entourage or Apple Mail, then refer to the zMail FAQs for instructions on how to do this.