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Redirecting UNSW Email to Another Provider

If you don't want to use zMail to read your official UNSW emails, you can have them forwarded to another email service that you currently use, such as your BigPond email, Optus email, Yahoo mail, Hotmail or GMail etc account. Using the redirection instructions below, all official UNSW emails will be forwarded directly to your external email account.

1. Go the the UNSW Identity Manager web site at www.idm.unsw.edu.au. Enter your Alumni ID and zPass or UniPass password, then click 'Login'.

If you have logged into UNSW Identity Manager previously, you can hide first time user instructions

If this is the first time you have logged in to the IDM site you will be prompted to agree to the conditions of use and answer the authentication questions.

Agree to the Conditions of use - UNSW ICT Resources.

Supply answers of your choosing to the Answers to Authentication Questions table. In future, if you return to the Identity Manager website and press the ‘Forget your password?’ button you will be presented with some of these questions to answer.

It is important that you enter the answers accurately to ensure you can answer them in future.

Hint: If you have never owned a car, enter the word none in that field.

Click ‘Save’ to save your entries and exit the responses table.

2. Locate the section entitled 'UNSW Email' and click the 'Update Delivery' button.

Click Update button

NOTE: You may see *UNSW Mail Server* instead of your zMail account in the form of 'z1234567@zmail.unsw.edu.au'. This also means your UNSW email is currently being to sent to zMail for undergraduate or a course work masters students, or to UNSW Exchange email for postgraduate research students (PhD and Masters by research).

3. You will be presented with a Change Email Delivery Destination window (below).

i. Next to 'Mail Destination Forward to:' - click the button 'Other Alternative Mail System'
ii. Enter your new external email address e.g. 'samstudent@gmail.com'
iii. Click 'Save Change'

Select alternative destination

Optional - Logout

If you have finished updating your settings, click 'Logout' to exit Identity Manager

set timezone


NOTES: Some of the changes made above may take up to 30 minutes to propagate through the various supporting systems.

Once you have a redirection in place, you cannot change your UNSW email alias or reply-to address. To make these changes you will need to temporarily revert your UNSW email to the UNSW Mail Server, change your alias or reply-to address, then after this action has taken effect, redirect your email once again. For more information on this issues see zMail for Students — E-mail Forwarding