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Set your preferred email alias

If you have not done so previously, select your preferred email address alias, and email reply-to alias.

If you have redirected your UNSW email to an external email service, you cannot change your UNSW email alias or reply-to address while this redirection is in place. To address this issue:
  1. Temporarily revert your UNSW email to the UNSW Mail Server (refer to the Redirect UNSW Email page)
  2. Change your alias and/or reply-to address (via instructions on the redirect page)
  3. Redirect your UNSW email once again to your preferred external provider

1. Go the the UNSW Identity Manager web site at www.idm.unsw.edu.au. Enter your Alumni ID and zPass or UniPass password, then click 'Login'.

If you have logged into UNSW Identity Manager previously, you can hide first time user instructions

If this is the first time you have logged in to the IDM site you will be prompted to agree to the conditions of use and answer the authentication questions.

Agree to the Conditions of use - UNSW ICT Resources.

Supply answers of your choosing to the Answers to Authentication Questions table. In future, if you return to the Identity Manager website and press the ‘Forget your password?’ button you will be presented with some of these questions to answer.

It is important that you enter the answers accurately to ensure you can answer them in future.

Hint: If you have never owned a car, enter the word none in that field.

Click 'Save' to save your entries and exit the responses table.

Select a preferred alias

An email alias is the name that appears before the @ in an email address, such as yourname@unswalumni.com

NOTE: Wherever you see @student.unsw.edu.au in the illustrations below, substitute @unswalumni.com

By default your email alias is your Student or Alumni ID in the form of z1234567. When your email account is created an alias based on your real name is created in the form of 's.surname' or 'sam.surname', where 's' is your first initial which is followed by your real surname. If there is more than one student on campus with the same s.surname as yours, the system will generate an alternative alias. You can check your designated alias and choose a different variation as follows:

1. Scroll down to the UNSW EMAIL section of UNSW Identity Manager.

2. Click the 'Update Alias' button

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The window below will appear...

3. Tick the checkbox against your current email address. A drop-down list labelled '-Available Option-' will appear. From this list choose 'to Replace with' and a second list will appear. From the second list choose your preferred alias.

Note that it is not possible to add an additional alias to this list yourself. If your preferred name is not listed then you need to contact the IT Service Centre.

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4. Click the 'Save Change' button to confirm your change.

Select a preferred reply-to address

When people reply to your emails, this is the address they will see in the To: field, which is called your reply-to address. If you wish you can set it to be the same as your email alias you set in the above step.

1. Click the 'Update Reply' button.

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The window below will appear...

2. Click on the drop-down list labelled -Available Reply Addresses- and select your preferred 'reply-to' email address. Click 'Save Change' to confirm this change.

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NOTE: Some of the changes made above may take up to 4 hours to propagate through the UNSW and Microsoft email infrastructure .

Logout of UNSW Identity Manager

When you have finished updating your settings, click 'Logout' to exit Identity Manager

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