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Using the zMail web interface

To use the zMail web interface, go to:

Below are the main components of the zMail web interface:

zMail web interface options

Where can I find information on using the zMail web interface?
How can I configure my zMail Inbox?
You can alter the look and feel of your Inbox via the Options > Settings tab.

How can I filter SPAM e-mails?

  • Select Settings > Junk-Email.
  • By default Junk E-mail filtering is on.
  • You may also add addresses to Blocked Senders, Safe Senders and Safe Recipients lists.
Is there any upload limit on size of attachments, what type of files can be uploaded?
The limit on the size of the attachment is 18Mb.

There is no restriction on the format of the file that may be uploaded.

What other limits are applied to zMail?

Can e-mails be restored/ backed up/ archived?
E-mails deleted by accident can be restored by using Internet Explorer, selecting Options > Organize E-Mail > Deleted Items. (Note this facility is not currently visible in Firefox or Safari browsers).

At the moment there is no backup or archive facility.

Will SkyDrive function be supported by the UNSW IT?
UNSW will only support the e-mail function of Windows Live. You are free to use any other Windows Live services with your zMail Microsoft ID — however you will need to obtain support direct from the normal Microsoft channels.

For Skydrive issues check Windows Live Help Central. Sending a private message to Windows Live SkyDrive Team may help.

Additional information on the zMail service can be found on the FAQ - Common questions and issues page