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About the UniWide Wireless Service

UniWide is UNSW’s wireless network. It offers fast, secure wireless network connectivity from a wide range of locations across UNSW’s campuses. Wireless access is available to all current students.

UniWide can be accessed via any WiFi-enabled laptop or mobile device, such as wireless enabled handhelds, that supports WPA wireless security. Most current operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux support WPA security. For more information on the requirements for accessing UniWide visit the UniWide access page.

How does UniWide Work?
UniWide uses secure wireless networking rather than physical cables, to connect your laptop or other mobile device to the UNSW University Wide Network and the Internet.

The UniWide network consists of a series of access points (hotspots) at various locations around the University’s campuses. These access points use radio frequency signals to communicate with your mobile device via its wireless network interface using a series of protocols based on the 802.11 standards. These access points are connected back into the central UNSW network, thus connecting your laptop to the UNSW network.


A UniWide hotspot sign

How fast is the UniWide Network?
The UniWide network was upgraded in early 2008 to support connection speeds up to 54 Mbps. However, as wireless networking is a shared service between all users connecting to a particular access point, most users will experience connection speeds lower than 54 Mbps.

How secure is uniwide?
Historically, wireless security was very poor and a Virtual Private Network (VPN) was needed to secure wireless communication. The new UniWide wireless network uses security based on the latest 802.11i standard. Mobile clients are now able to connect and secure their wireless communication using the WPA supplicant that comes standard with most modern operating systems.The UniWide network supports WPA2 Enterprise using AES encryption. Users are authenticated using their UNSW Alumni ID and zPass.

Does UniWide require authentication?
Yes, like many other secure online University services you are required to log in using your zPass.

What services can I access on the UniWide Network?
You should be able to access both the UNSW University Wide Network and many Internet resources.

What operating systems are currently supported on the UniWide Network?
Mac OS X 10.1+, Linux/Unix and Microsoft Windows XP SP2, Vista and Windows 7.
Support for PDAs, Mobile Phones with wireless connectivity.
Setup instructions for various operating systems and mobile devices such as iPhone and iPod Touch can be found on the UniWide home page.

How much does UniWide cost to use?
There is no charge to access UniWide but you are subject to the Acceptable Use of UNSW IT Resources policy and all UNSW policies. These policies can be found at:

What happens if I breach the conditions of the Acceptable Use of UNSW IT Resources policy or other UNSW rules relating to the use of this service?
You will be immediately blocked from access to all UNSW Network services and provided an opportunity to explain your actions. This block may then remain on your account permanently, pending a discipline review. It is not intended to allow offenders more than one opportunity to contain their actions to within the Acceptable Use policy.

How can I get more information or asistance in using UniWide?
The information you need may be on another page in this UniWide web area. Look at the UniWide navigation links in the the top left of this page. Otherwise contact the IT Service Centre on (02) 9385 1333 or email

You can also visit the IT Service Centre Counter during opening hours.

COFA students and can contact the COFA Computer Services Unit - CSU.