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Alumni Usernames and Passwords

What is my UNSW Username?

Your username for accessing zMail email is your UNSW Login ID, which consists of a ‘z’ followed by your UNSW Alumni ID. This is explained in detail immediately below.

authentication dialog

The Username or ‘User Name’ field is sometimes labelled ‘Login ID’ or ‘User ID’.

How do I find my UNSW Alumni ID?
If you have just graduated, your UNSW Alumni ID is your student ID. If you are not a recent graduate please contact the UNSW Alumni office on +61 2 9385 3279 or alumni@unsw.edu.au

How do I enter my UNSW Login ID?
When logging in to UNSW online systems, enter a ‘z’ prefix followed by your your UNSW Alumni ID.

Login ID

Where do I set or change my UNSW Alumni alias?

You can set or change your email alias via the Identity Manager self-service site.

What is a zPass?

A zPass is a password. You use your zPass along with your UNSW User ID to access services that are zPass enabled. Your UNSW user ID is your UNSW Alumni ID, so your login ID will be in the form of z1234567.

How do I obtain a zPass?

You need to create a zPass in Identity Manager. Follow the instructions linked below: