Service Description Access Info/Help
Accommodation Portal Enables management of all aspects of UNSW owned accommodation. Log in  
Active Directory Non-SOE (ADNS) Domain Provides a supporting infrastructure for non-SOE clients to be collectively managed by Faculty IT Support and Desktop Services in order to allow access to services and resources hosted by UNSW IT    Info & Help
Admissions PG Entry Calculators Currently only available to Science and Admissions teams the Postgraduate Coursework Entry calculator is a tool used by applicants, UNSW agents and UNSW staff members to convert overseas marking schemes (GPA’s, numerical grading systems and word grading systems) into a UNSW (0-100%) scale.  Info & Help  
Alumni Email (zMail) An email service for Alumni. Powered by Microsoft Office 365. Log in Alumni Info
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Annual Progress Review (APR) The Annual Progress Review System is designed to simplify the review process by enabling students, supervisors, schools and review panels to complete the review process in an online environment
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Antivirus Software Site-licensed and supported anti-virus software (Symantec) for Windows and Macintosh   Student Info
Staff Info
Apple Shared File Apple Mac File System Access for staff to access their Home Drive using Mac only clients   Staff Info
Archibus Facilities and infrastructure management system for the Facilities Management Organisation. ARCHIBUS can be used by staff to view floor plans, building space information, space allocation and to lodge work requests for building maintenance and repairs. Log in  Info & Help
ASB Sharepoint & CRM A suite of applications that provide critical services for the Australian School of Business such as public facing website, paid and unpaid events registration and management, and alumni directory. Log in  
Australian Access Federation (AAF) The AAF network provides the means of allowing UNSW staff and students to trust the information they receive from another participating institution.    
Authenticated Network Service (UNSW Colleges) Internet access service for selected UNSW residential colleges.   Student Info
CA Service Desk (CASD) A web based IT Service Management application that can be used to submit requests to the IT Service Centre or view and update existing requests and search the IT Knowledge base. Log in  
Cardax UNSW's Access control sytem which enables issuing of student and staff ID cards, controlling access to buildings and grounds, and Alarm monitoring and alerts.
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CATEI (Course and Teaching Evaluation and Improvement) Archive Historical access to Student surveys has been replaced by the My Experience student survey. This will provide Histrocial Access only. Email  
Data Network Underpins the provision and delivery of all IT Services by providing wired and wireless connectivity to the Network (UNSW and Internet).    Info & Help
Database Management Provisions of Database Management Software (DBMS) either on physical media or logically over the UNSW network for MSSQL.    Info & Help
Desktop Shared Service Provisions a Standard Operating Environment (SOE) which enables the delivery and support of utility services (such as File, Email and Print) and teaching labs across UNSW.   Staff Info
 Info & Help
Eduroam Education roaming (Eduroam) is a secure, world-wide roaming access service that allows university staff and students wireless internet access at participating national and international eduroam campuses.   Student Info
Staff Info
Email Distribution The Email Distribution is a supporting technology service, part of the overall email infrastructure, and is the component that distributes mail for a number of * and related domains. It is not a customer facing service.    Info & Help
End User Terminal Allows Linux and Mac users to restore their files through a terminal service.    Info & Help
Enterprise Application Development Framework (EADF)  A best practice application hosting framework that provides core infrastructure and software for consolidated application development and deployment platform covering a wide range of designs and technologies.    Info & Help
Enterprise Data Warehouse (InfoHub) Supplies business critical reports and dashboards to senior managers and their staff across the entire university.  Info & Help
Enterprise Sharepoint Provides an online collaboration and communication tool for UNSW business units and groups to use for a range of purposes including intranet web sites, workgroup collaboration and document sharing, or as a platform for simple workflow based processes. Log in  Info & Help  
File Service  The File Service System provides storage for Home Drives and Shared data, for Staff and Students at UNSW. Log in  Info & Help
File System Access Management (FSAM) FSAM tool is used by admin staff to grant other staff access to shared folders and files. Log in Staff info
Hardware Procurement Provides for the acquisition of standard and non-standard desktop and laptop hardware managed through Central IT Provisioning. Staff Info
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Hazardous Materials and Dangerous Goods (HMDG) Inventory Management System – powered by SciQuest SciQuest is the Core HMDG Inventory Software used for Hazardous Materials and Dangerous Goods Inventory (HMDG) Management
Identity Manager (IDM) Enables the self management of zPass and UniPass passwords, as well as UNSW email account attributes. Log in  Info & Help
IDOL Search Engine The IDOL Search Engine is used to provide search functionality for many different data sources that include file, email, Web, video and audio.     Info & Help
InfoEd An administrative grants management system to record and track research grants. Log in Staff Info
Instant Messaging (Microsoft Lync 2010) Instant messaging is an enterprise real-time communications service, integrated with the Staff Email service, providing instant messaging (IM), presence awareness, desktop sharing, ad hoc conferences and an application for various mobile devices.   Staff Info
 Info & Help
IT Policies UNSW IT Policies which include procedures and guidelines such as Acceptable Use of UNSW IT Resources, IT Security Policy, Email Policies, Website Policy, Standards and Guidelines, Telephony and Other IT-related Policies
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Staff Info
Lecture Recordings (powered by Echo 360) Enables the recording of lectures, including audio and the capture of material presented on the primary projector, and the publishing of this content to the course Learning Management System.
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Library Room Bookings An information system that allows both students to book available Library group study rooms. Log in  
Library Services Provides support for the educational, research and administrative activities through a collection of resources for reference or borrowing
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Managed Print Service (MPS) Provides a centralised printing and consumables management solution for students and staff at UNSW to registered printing devices. Wireless printing to lab and library MPS printers available from    Info & Help
Maple TA Maple T.A. supports complex, free-form entry and intelligent evaluation of responses, specifically targeting the requirements for teaching math and science courses.  Log in  Info & Help
Mobile Apps A suite of UNSW-developed apps is being released. Check your device's application store for apps such as UNSW Uni-Verse or UNSW Library.    
Mobile Telephony Provision and support for Handheld Computing Devices such as ‘iPhones’ and ‘Blackberry’ devices.   Staff Info
Mobile Class Room Provides training organisers / facilitators the ability to book up to 15 laptops for training purposes at the Kensington campus.    
Moodle The primary Web-based learning management system (LMS) that is used in most UNSW courses that are taught in a blended mode or fully online. Log in Student Info
Staff Info
myAccess myAccess allows you to access your applications that you would normally only get in the teaching labs virtually. This means you can access them anytime, anywhere that you have an internet connection. Maple, Ansys, Matlab and AutoCAD are just some of the applications already available.   Student Info
myUNSW myUNSW is the single online access point for UNSW services and information, integrating online services for applicants, commencing & current students and UNSW staff. Log in Student Info
Staff Info
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NS Financials NewSouth Financials (NSF) holds centralised data relating to Financial Transactions Log in Staff Info
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PiMs - People Information Management System PiMs - UNSW HR and Payroll system Log in  Info & Help
Records and Archives Management System (RAMS)  The corporate recordkeeping system of UNSW. It is used to capture, maintain and provide access to University records over time. Log in Staff Info
Research Outputs System (ROS) ROS is UNSW's system for capturing and reporting research publications and outputs. This has replaced the Research Publications (ResPubs) system and includes all data previously entered into ResPubs. Log in Staff Info
 Info & Help
Research Data Archive The UNSW Research Data Archive is the institutional archival storage facility for research data.   Info
Research Data Management Services (RDMS) These services provide UNSW researchers with the ability to plan, manage and store their research data.   Info
Self File Restore Provides staff and students the ability to restore their files or folders contained within UNSW IT's Windows File Service system.   Student Info
Staff Info
Server Hosting Provides all infrastructure, personnel and processes necessary to operate and monitor server infrastructure    Info & Help
Software Distribution A range of software is available at discounted prices and in many cases at no charge to staff and students as part of a UNSW-wide site licence.   Student Info
Staff Info
 Info & Help
Staff Directory A maintainable staff directory that contains information on roles, locations and contact information, with the ability to search for a staff member based on these attributes. Log in Staff Info
Staff & Student Email An email service for staff and students that provides messaging and calendar services with the ability to share calendars or common address books across UNSW, create personal contacts and book defined resources such as UNSW meeting rooms. Log in Staff Info
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Student Information Management System (SiMs) SiMs holds centralised Student Records data. Log in  Info & Help
Student Load Planning(SLP) Tool SLP is the UNSW Australia tool for modelling student load and providing input for calculation of the UNSW operating budget for the following calendar year. Log in  
Telephony Services Provisioning and support of telephones, voicemails, audio conferences, call centres and other telephony features to the UNSW community.   Staff Info
theBox theBox is the University of New South Wales' media management solution. Log in to upload and organise research media, teaching materials or marketing materials including video, images, PDFs, audio files and documents Log in  
UniWide (Wireless Network) Provides a fast, secure, wireless network connection that can be accessed from a wide range of locations across UNSW's campuses via Wi-Fi-enabled laptops or mobile devices.   Student Info
Staff Info
 Info & Help
UniWide - Guest Wifi Account Management he Guest Wifi Account Management Portal is a self-service website that provides staff of UNSW Australia the ability to provision and manage access for visitors to the Uniwide Wireless Network.   Staff Info
Virtual Private Network (VPN) The VPN service is currently available to all staff, students and affiliates. The UNSW Staff and Student VPN provides general access to centralised services including email, file and print. Log in Staff Info
VPN - Admin Gateway (GlobalProtect) A VPN service providing access to the protected data centre VLANs for authorised system and application administrators. (Global Protect/Juniper with 2FA (2 Factor Authentication))     Staff  Info    Info & Help
Web Content Management System (myCMS) Allows control and management of the content within an enterprise website. Log in Staff Info