Instructions for accessing LinkedIn Learning

Instructions for accessing LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning at UNSW has been acquired by LinkedIn and a new learning portal called LinkedIn Learning will be introduced. LinkedIn Learning delivers online courses for UNSW students and staff to help achieve personal and professional goals. UNSW students and staff have unlimited access to a vast library of courses designed to advance skills with personalised recommendations based on previous experience.

To login please enter your ID in the format of

UNSW LinkedIn Learning

Lynda is merging with LinkedIn Learning.
New and existing users can access LinkedIn Learning by following the below steps:
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As noted in the below screenshot you have the option to Log in without a LinkedIn account.

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Once logged in you can choose to use LinkedIn Learning with only your UNSW login or, if you have a personal LinkedIn profile, you can choose to connect that to your Learning account. UNSW Login: If you continue only with your UNSW login any activity you do in LinkedIn Learning and any courses you do will remain private so that only you can see that. This information is not shared. LinkedIn Profile: If you decide to link through your LinkedIn Profile then you can choose to add any courses you have completed to be listed on your LinkedIn Profile. The choice is yours. Read the full FAQ to find out more.

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