Support Information

Support Information

Incident - Resolution Information

Priority 1: 4 hrs resolution

Priority 2: 1 day resolution

Priority 3: 2 day resolution

Priority 4: 5 day resolution

Incident is an event that causes or may cause disruption to or a reduction in the quality of services and customer productivity. (It was working before, it no longer does.)

The Priority of an incident is determined by the combination of business Impact vs. Urgency to resolve.

Priority 1: A major production outage, performance degradation or instability causing significant impact to the University community.
Priority 2: A large number of customers/end-users impacted. Entire office, department or school is experiencing similar problems. Small number of customers can not utilise mission critical applications.
Priority 3: User/customer work group unable to use non-mission critical application(s). Customer can work with minimal impact to their productivity.
Priority 4: Individual request or incident that does impact business on a very low level.

Service Request - Resolution Information

Request for access to an IT Service, or for information or advice (e.g. I would like something new)

Requests' resolution times vary depending on the category.

For example:

  • Password reset has 10 minutes resolution time.
  • Desktop re-image has 3 days resolution time.
  • Exchange email redirection has 4 days resolution time.
  • Data networks port patching has 4 days resolution time.

IT Service Centre

  (02) 9385 1333
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