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UNSW Information CryptoLocker Ransomware

What is Happening?

Malicious software (malware) has been circulating at UNSW posing as a parcel delivery notification from Australia Post.

The malware is spread by a link in an email (sample below) which directs people to a fake Australia Post website.

This malware is known to encrypt data making it unusable and holding it for ransom. It is commonly known as CryptoLocker ransomware.

The malware can affect shared network files if it runs from an infected device that has access to them (this also includes services like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc).

Why is this Happening?

If you have received this email and visited the website/downloaded any files, please turn off your computer and contact the IT Service Centre on the details below.

As a precaution UNSW IT will be making all currently affected shared drives Read-Only until all infected computers have been remediated. If you need to work on files that are stored on these shared drives please save a local copy until access is restored.

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Page Last updated: Thursday, August 8th, 2014