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UNSW IT Position Statement - MS Windows 10

What is happening?

Some Windows 10 editions were released this week and UNSW IT is excited at the capabilities this new version will provide to staff and students.

We are in the process of preparing for full Windows 10 SOE support in 2016, aligned to other anticipated interdependent initiatives of cloud mail, cloud storage and Office 2013/365.

There are some instances, including the UNSW IT supported Surface Pro 3, where users are currently getting a pop-up notification prompting to reserve and/or upgrade to Windows 10 for free.

As we are concerned about the full availability of the OS functionality and access to our managed service offering, we recommend staff exercise caution for the time being and refrain from jumping on board immediately with the upgrade to Windows 10, irrespective of whether on the Pro 3 or other Non-SOE devices. One of our concerns is the current Symantec End Point (SEP) anti-virus software available to end users is not supported with Win10.

Devices upgraded to Windows 10 in place can potentially experience issues such as the following:

  • Black screen of death after reboot preventing users from using their devices [confirmed by vendor]
  • Loss of connectivity due to Firewall not operational and/or security risks [confirmed by vendor]
  • Blue Screen of Death crashes [always a risk with in place OS upgrade]
  • There are various SOE components such as the Symantec (aka Altiris) software delivery and management agent, Office products, Cisco VPN client, network print, fileshares, etc., all of which need to be confirmed and tested as functional on Windows 10 in due course. We expect to receive in the coming weeks the release of the Windows 10 Enterprise version from our reseller, and a [supported] new version of the SEP client.

    UNSW IT understands the attraction of embracing this next generation offering from Microsoft, and it is our intention to test and verify the above concerns and address them as soon as practical. We appreciate the support and patience of staff and students while we are in this phase.

    A further status update will be provided in late August.

    Please contact the IT Service Centre for any further enquiries.

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Page Last updated: Wednesday, August 5th, 2015