Enrol a Mac to UNSW Self Service

Enrol a Mac to UNSW Self Service

Before you begin

To enrol a Mac to UNSW Mac Self Service you will need:

An active zID and Password
Please ensure you can log in to IDM with an active zID: https://idm.unsw.edu.au/

An active Apple ID
We encourage you to use your personal Apple ID, the one you use to purchase from iTunes or to use iMessage on your phone.
An Apple ID is needed to help you reset your password, and to assign UNSW distributed Applications.

If you do not have an Apple ID, you can create one at https://appleid.apple.com/

If you’ve forgotten your Apple ID, visit https://iforgot.apple.com/

A Wired Ethernet Connection is recommended

To connect to the internet and enrol your new Mac, you’ll need an Ethernet connection. At this stage, you cannot enrol via Uniwide.
You will be able to connect to a home wireless connection or even connect to a personal hotspot on your phone, but OS X does not support Uniwide for the enrolment.

A short tutorial on setting up a self service Mac

Getting Started

Self Enrolling a Mac to UNSW Self Service is very simple. Just unbox the Mac, connect it to ethernet (laptops will need a ethernet adaptor) and turn it on.

You can set up your Mac as you normally would at home, but UNSW IT recommends the following settings to ensure the easiest set up possible.

Should you transfer information?

A Desktop Support analyst will help you transfer data from your old Mac, so choose “Don’t Transfer any information now”

Should you sign in with an Apple ID?

Yes, we recommend signing in with an Apple ID, it will make creating the account easier, and help with things like password recovery in the future. Your Apple ID will also be used to “buy” free apps, like Keynote, Garageband and iMovie. An Apple ID can also be used to sync passwords, bookmarks, Wi-Fi hotspots, and other settings from your iPhone or home Mac.

One benefit of using an Apple ID is your email account settings will sync across
You can use the same Apple ID you use on an iPhone, or your home Mac.

Create a Computer Account

If you signed in to your Apple ID, you’ll be prompted to use that now to create your computer account, using your Apple ID password. If not, you can create a local account with a strong password.

You can choose the account name, we recommend using your real name - first and last:

And that’s it! Your Mac is now enrolled with UNSW. When you log in, your Mac will have one extra app, the UNSW Mac Self Service App:

Launch the Self Service app, and log in with your zID and Password. You’ll see the front page of the UNSW Self Service Portal.

Here’ you can download Microsoft Office, CrashPlan Pro to back up your data, and common apps like Chrome and Dropbox.

Installing apps is as simple as it is on the App Store – just click the install button, and the App will download.

A few Apps, like Apple’s Pages and Keynote, or Slack pictured below, will send you to the App Store to finish the installation.

We’ve also included quick access to support, such as the IT Service Desk, IDM, and UNSW IT within the Self Service Window.

UNSW Printers are being added, so it’ll be a one click install to set up the printers in your area:

If you have any questions, or would like assistance setting up your new Mac, please contact itservicecentre@unsw.edu.au

IT Service Centre

  (02) 9385 1333
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