Keychain demystified

Keychain demystified

The keychain is built in to every copy of OS X. It is designed to securely store login details for web passwords, Outlook passwords, etc.

Sometimes logging on to multiple computers or changing your zPass can cause issues with your Keychain.

Avoid issues with Keychain, always choose Create New Keychain

This will reset your Keychain password to your current zPass. You will lose any saved passwords in Safari – although Chrome and Firefox store passwords separately and so will not be affected.

Multiple prompts for your password may indicate an issue with your Keychain

Follow these steps to fix your Keychain:

1. Click the spotlight icon at the top right

2. Type keychain access and press Enter

3. Right click login

4. Click Delete keychain "login"

5. Click Delete References & Files

6. Launch Safari then quit Safari again

7. Keychain Not Found prompt will appear, click Reset To Defaults

8. Another Keychain Not Found prompt will appear, click Reset

9. Enter your zPASS and your new keychain will be created

If you are still having issues with a Keychain following these steps, call IT Service Centre on 9385 1333

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