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How to check if your computer is a SOE

How to confirm whether the computer you are using as a UNSW SOE computer
SOE stands for Standard Operating Environment which means these computers are built and configured by UNSW IT using standard components which may include items such as:
  • Common hardware configuration
  • Standard base operating system
  • Standard application suite
  • Standard settings and configurations

The SOE computers are preconfigured for the UNSW environment and thus need less user intervention than non-SOE machines, so user may find separate instructions on this web site for SOE and non-SOE computers.

Windows PCs

Click the 'Start' menu and hover your mouse over 'All Programs'. At the top of the programs list, if you see the label 'UNSW System Information' you have a SOE Windows PC.

soe system information

Apple Macintosh

There are two identifiers for Mac computers:

1. Dual hard discs – System and Data

dual drives

2. The presence of a 'UNSW Identity Manager' file in the Applications folder

identity manager icon