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eduroam (education roaming) is a secure, world-wide roaming access service that allows university staff and students wireless internet access at participating national and international eduroam campuses.

About eduroam

UNSW is now part of the global eduroam network, so visitors can connect to the internet via eduroam at UNSW and UNSW staff and students can use the eduroam service at participating campuses both in Australia and overseas.As eduroam is a roaming service, there is no need to register at a participating campus, simply set up a eduroam wireless configuration and use your zPass credentials to log on. See below for complete instructions.

Note that the eduroam service on campus is primarily for visiting staff and students. UNSW staff and students should only access eduroam for setup and testing purposes, then revert to UniWide for their normal mobile wireless access. Continued access of eduroam by local staff and students may cause the service to deteriorate.

Is the eduroam service the same everywhere?
eduroam services on other campuses and locations may have certain limitations applied to the eduroam wireless service they host, such a download limits, limited access to certain web sites and internet resources or they may block certain protocols such as P2P. UNSW has no control over these external environments. If you would like to know more about the service at a particular site then search for their IT support website.

How to use eduroam

Set up eduroam wireless on your laptop or mobile device
Before using eduroam, you must set up your laptop or mobile device to connect to the eduroam wireless network. Setting up eduroam is similar to setting up UniWide. You are advised to set up eduroam at UNSW before you travel so you have local technical support if you run into issues. The other campuses you visit cannot assist with eduroam as you are using UNSW login credentials to access the service regardless of its location. If you have not set up eduroam and you are already overseas, use the UNSW eduroam Configuration Guides below. eduroam instructions on other campuses are only for their specific network and password authentication environments. If you have technical issues with eduroam overseas, contact the UNSW IT Service Centre.

Look for the eduroam wireless SSID at the institution you are visiting
If you are visiting another university, turn on wireless on your laptop or other mobile device and look for the name eduroam in the available networks list. If you checked 'remember wireless networks' when you configured your device for eduroam, it should select eduroam automatically.

Log in using your zPass and '' username
UNSW students and staff use their current zPass credentials to access the eduroam service, the only variation being their username must have '' at the end as in This is not your UNSW email address. It simply informs eduroam that user z1234567 belongs to UNSW. Note that zPass passwords expire every six months, so if you run into authentication issues while overseas, try changing your zPass to see if that fixes the issue.
Don't forget your username is in the form of

eduroam Configuration Guides

Test eduroam then revert to UniWide
Once your laptop or mobile device successfully connects to eduroam on campus, you should disconnect and then access UniWide. Use UniWide for all on-campus web surfing as the eduroam service is primarily for visitors to UNSW.

eduroam for UNSW visitors

Staff and students visiting UNSW from other campuses should use their home campus wireless access logon credentials to access UNSW’s eduroam service. Don’t forget to put the address of your home institution after your username, in the form of username@yourcampusdomain. If you have not already set up eduroam at your home campus, you should follow the instructions from your home institution. Visitors from other Australian universities can view a list of other institution instructions here. If you run into issues connecting to eduroam at UNSW or any other location, you should contact your home campus IT support as they can assist with authentication issues. If you have questions about eduroam at UNSW, contact the UNSW IT Service Centre

To locate a eduroam hotspot on campus, look for a UniWide wireless logo, or view the UniWide locations page. Both UniWide and eduroam use the same wireless hotspots.
UniWide & eduroam logos
eduroam is covered by the Acceptable Use of UNSW IT Resources policies.

Who can I contact for further information or support?

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