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File Service Access for Mac Users

How you access the file service varies according to the configuration of the computer you are using and where you are trying to access the service from. This service is only supported on Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) or later.

On campus access to File Service

Includes Campus Ethernet Network and UniWide connections.

Browse, Upload and Download files via the Finder

- SOE and pre-configured Macs
If you have a standardised 'UNSW SOE' Mac (see How to check if your computer is a SOE) connected to the UNSW network, your computer will automatically connect to your Home Drive and Shared Data Folders when you log on to your machine. If you have a laptop, you can connect remotely to other file servers using a VPN connection.

- Non-SOE and non-configured computers
Please follow the instructions on the PDF file below to configure your Mac to access your Home Drive and Shared Data folders.
Non-SOE and Non-Configured Mac instructions

Off campus access to File Service

Browse, Upload and Download files via the Finder

Contact your local IT support as to whether you can access your Home Drive from off campus.

Managing Shared Data Folders

Browse and Download files via a web browser

You can access your files using any popular web browser such as Safari, Firefox or Google Chrome.

NOTE: You can only download, not upload, files via a web browser.

1. Enter the following URL or click on the link below

2. Enter your z staff number (in the form of z1231467) and zPass password when prompted

You should see a web page with the following content;

University of New South Wales
File System

My Home Drive:

Shared Data Folders:

If you click on your 'My Home Drive' link you can browse your drive's contents (it may be empty to start off with). To download a file, click on its filename.

The Shared Data Folders contain shared folders and files you have access to. OneUNSW contains group share folders from your faculty, school or projects/committees you are a member of. CourseFolders are related to teaching activities.

If you don't have a Home Drive on the file service you will see a message "Sorry, you don't appear to have a Home Drive". If this occurs contact the IT Service Centre.

Unacceptable filename characters

When transferring files to the UNSW File Service remotely (off campus) please check that none of these characters are present in any filenames you are attempting to upload:

  • %00 to %99 (i.e. % followed by any 2 numeric digits)
  • *
  • ?
  • <
  • >
  • |
  • /
  • \
If you need to create or manage access to, Shared Data Folders, you need to do this via File Service Access Management (FSAM).