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File Service Access for Windows Users

How you access the file service varies according to the configuration of the computer you are using and where you are trying to access the service from.

Accessing UNSW File Service from on campus or via UniWide wireless

Accessing your File Service Home Drive

Your Home Drive on the file service contains your personal files. No one else can access or even see the files in your Home Drive. Shared folders are not accessible from within your Home Drive. See 'Accessing shared folders on the File Service' below.

- For users of SOE and pre-configured computers

If you have a standardised 'UNSW SOE' computer (see How to check if your computer is a SOE) connected to the UNSW network, your computer will automatically connect to your Home Drive when you log on to your computer. Some faculties, units and divisions may manually configure selected user computers to automatically connect as well.

If your computer has been configured you can see your Home Drive by going to 'Start > My Computer'. Your Home Drive is your 'H' drive and will have a label containing 'INFPWFS100.ad.unsw.edu.au' as illustrated below;

Network Drives H: z1234567 on XXXX.ad.unsw.edu.au

- For users of non-SOE or non-preconfigured computers

Refer to the 'Accessing UNSW File Service from off campus' instructions below. If you intend to use the file service regularly you should request that your faculty IT support staff configure your computer to automatically access your Home Drive at login, as above.

Accessing File Service Shared Folders

If you know you have access to shared folders such as school, unit or project folders, you can access them as follows. All folders you have access to will appear in the one location, known as the the OneUNSW drive.

Quick access

You can access your shared folders by going to 'Start > Run...' and entering \\ad.unsw.edu.au\OneUNSW in the 'Open' field.

Mapping a Drive to Shared Folders

You can create a permanent network drive that connects to your shared folders as follows:

1. Click 'Start > My Computer'

2. At the top of the window choose 'Tools > Map Network Drive...'

map network drive menu item

3. Choose a Drive letter (optional)

4. In the Folder: field enter \\ad.unsw.edu.au\OneUNSW

enter OneUNSW drive location

5. Click 'Finish'

A OneUNSW file window will appear displaying all of the shared folders associated with your account on the file service. Therefore, the folders displayed will differ from user to user. Folders you do not have access privileges to will not display. If you think you should have access to a particular folder and it is not appearing in your OneUNSW drive, contact the IT Service Centre or your local file group administrator.

Once you have both your Home Drive and Shared Folders mapped using the instructions on these pages, you will see them both in your My Computer window as illustrated below:

your file service drives

Accessing UNSW File Service from off campus

Safe Use of Public Access computers

When you are using public access computers such as those found in internet cafes, libraries, airports and hotels, you need to take extra precautions in protecting your sensitive information and data.

Computers in these environments may contain malicious software that could monitor keystrokes, capture your username and password or infect USB devices attached to them. As a precaution you should assume that computers in these environments lack adequate security and take measures to protect your sensitive online activities.


  • Don't tick 'Save my password' when accessing your personal accounts such as email, social networks etc, the UNSW file service or other UNSW online services.
  • Avoid accessing your bank account or doing credit card transactions on public access computers. Use a phone for these transactions instead.
  • Clear the browser's history, quit the web browser and log off before leaving the computer, so that others can't retrieve your browsing sessions.
  • Be aware that a USB memory stick plugged into these computers may become infected and install malicious software on the next computer you plug the USB stick into.

For a more detailed guide to safe use, refer to Stay Smart Online

Browse, Upload and Download files remotely via My Computer

You can access your Home Drive and Shared Folders via an Internet connection from home or other remote location as follows:

  1. Open 'My Network Places'
  2. Click 'Add a network place'
  3. Enter the path 'https://myfiles.unsw.edu.au' when prompted
  4. Enter 'ADUNSW\' followed by your z staff number eg 'ADUNSW\z1234567' and enter your zPass password
Select 'remember password' only if you are using your own computer. Note: you should not select this if you are using a public or untrusted computer such as those in libraries and internet cafes.

Browse and Download files via a web browser

You can access your files using any popular web browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari, or Google Chrome.

NOTE: You can only download, not upload, files via a web browser. To upload files, use one of the options listed above.

1. Enter the following URL or click on the link below

2. Enter your z staff number (in the form of z1231467) and zPass password when prompted

You should see a web page with the following content;

University of New South Wales
File System

My Home Drive:

Shared Data Folders:

If you click on your 'My Home Drive' link you can browse your drive's contents (it may be empty to start off with). To download a file, click on its filename.

The Shared Data Folders contain shared folders and files you have access to. OneUNSW contains group share folders from your faculty, school or projects/committees you are a member of. CourseFolders are related to teaching activities.

If you don't have a Home Drive on the file service you will see a message "Sorry, you don't appear to have a Home Drive". If this occurs contact the IT Service Centre.

Unacceptable filename characters

When transferring files to the UNSW File Service remotely (off campus) please check that none of these characters are present in any filenames you are attempting to upload:

  • %00 to %99 (i.e. % followed by any 2 numeric digits)
  • *
  • ?
  • <
  • >
  • |
  • /
  • \
Managing Group Share folders

If you need to create or manage access to Group Share folders, you need to do this via File Service Access Management (FSAM).