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File Service Remote Access for Linux Users

Instructions for Windows Users

You can access your Home Drive and Shared Folders off campus via your home Internet connection as follows:

Note: Instructions based on Ubuntu Linux. The method for connecting to WebDav may vary depending on the version of Linux used.

Setup Instructions

1. Go to 'Places' then select 'network' > 'Connect to Server'

go to places then select connect to server

2. In Service Type Select 'Secure WebDAV (HTTPS)'. In the server field enter ''.

in service type select secure webdav (https) and in the server field enter

Note: all other fields should remain blank

3. Enter your z staff number as your 'username' and zPass password as your 'password' select either 'Remember password' until you logout or 'Remember forever'

enter your z staff number and zPass password

Select 'Connect' and the WebDav drive will mount within your system

webdav drive mount

Your Home Drive could be inside any of the staff directories eg. Staff001, Staff002 etc. To quickly determine the containing folder for you Home Drive, access your Home Drive via a web browser. Note the folder number under the heading ‘My Home Drive’ (eg Staff/007/z1234567). This is the permanent location of your Home Directory.

Access Instructions

Once the Drive has been mounted on the system you can access data via either a 'desktop shortcut' or from the 'Places' Menu

access via desktop shortcut or via places