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UNSW Optus Mobile

Purchasing mobile phone handsets & Optus SIM cards

Contact the IT Service Centre for the latest range of handsets and prices and to order SIM cards and handsets for UNSW use.

UNSW Optus Domestic Mobile Rates

Mobile Voice - Domestic Rates:
(All Mobile Voice pricing excludes GST)

Call Type Pricing (ex-GST)
Billing Increment Per second billing
Mobile to Optus Mobile 4.54 cents (per 30 sec)
Mobile to non-Optus Mobile 4.54 cents (per 30 sec)
Mobile to Fixed 4.54 cents (per 30 sec)
Voicemail Deposit 2.25 cents (per 30 sec)
Voicemail Retrieval 6.50 cents (per 30 sec)
SMS rate 10.23 cents (flat rate per SMS)
Optus Mobile Intra-fleet Free for the first 10 minutes, 24x7 4.54 cents per 30 sec after
International Dialling (IDD) 30% off Optus 'Yes' International Dialling Rates, see below
International Roaming Voice and Data Daily Roaming Packs, see below

Individual Data plans (for mobile smartphone devices, tablets or modems)
(All Data pricing excludes GST)

Included Data Monthly Fee Excess Usage Fee (Per MB)
2 GB $16.36 $0.018
4 GB $21.81 $0.018
6 GB $29.09 $0.018
8 GB $40.91 $0.018
10 GB $50.00 $0.018
20 GB $73.73 $0.018
60 GB $127.27 $0.018
100 GB $190.91 $0.018

Optus Voicemail User Guide

UNSW Optus Mobile Support

Contact the IT Service Centre for the following issues:

  • Billing Enquiries
  • Mobile Coverage
  • Global Roaming
  • Reporting lost or stolen mobile handsets
  • Assistance with using handsets or service features
  • Any other issues
Out of hours support
Contact the Optus Mobility and Converged Technical Service Desk: 1800 200 487 or from overseas +61 2 8087 3722 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) for the following issues only:

  • Reporting lost or stolen mobile handsets
  • Assistance with using handsets or service features
Managing UNSW Optus Mobile Accounts

Managing mobile phone numbers and SIM cards
Contact the IT Service Centre for the following requests:

  • Cancel mobile number/SIM
  • Transfer mobile number/SIM to another UNSW account
  • Transfer ownership of mobile number from UNSW to an individual
Changing billing or account details
If you need to change account details such as the contact name or billing address, contact the IT Service Centre.

A mobile bill is marked as overdue but it has been paid
Contact UNSW Accounts Payable to obtain the following information about the payment and email it to

Optus account No.:
Payment amount:
Payment date:
Payment Method:
Account No.:
Bank name:
Issue date:

Our Optus bill has mobile numbers that are no longer needed
Please contact the IT Service Centre to either request the services be cancelled, moved to another account or have the ownership transferred from UNSW to individual ownership.

Optus Mobile Global Roaming

What is Global Roaming?
Global Roaming is a feature that allows you to use your UNSW Optus mobile device when travelling overseas. Global Roaming is a premium service that utilises overseas mobile networks that Optus has agreements with. However, charges for using this service are significant, with some users returning to bills in the thousands to tens of thousands of dollars. Given the inherent risks in using this service, UNSW IT does not recommend users enabling Global Roaming on UNSW phones and mobile devices. For more information and alternatives to Global Roaming, refer to Managing Data Costs on UNSW Mobile Plans.

Will Global Roaming allow me to access my email and browse the internet?
Optus has data roaming agreements (ie includes web and email) with many countries. Contact the IT Service Centre to confirm that you can use data in the country you are travelling to. Accessing email and web browsing via Global Roaming is not recommended as it can incur significant charges that can quickly escalate. Refer to Managing Data Costs on UNSW Mobile Plans for more on this issue.

How do I activate Global Roaming?
Due to the inherent risks, only authorised users can request to have Global Roaming activated. The request is made through the IT Service Centre.