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Who Should Read this Guide?

This guide applies to users of the NS HE (Higher Education) system and/or NS Financials. If you use both of these systems please read both the HE Specific Information and the NS Financials Specific Information.

What is APPS.UNSW?

APPS.UNSW is a centralised platform to run Windows based applications using Citrix technologies. This system will be used where applications are hosted on a server and require client connectivity. You can access this environment within any web browser. The initial deployment only includes the PeopleSoft NS HE applications, both production and test environments.

This system was implemented as part of the HE (Higher Education) Remediation program of work to maximise the technology platform that many of our administrative systems run on.

Who can use APPS.UNSW?

Staff access APPS.UNSW when they need to access applications that are hosted by this service. At the time of deployment, the following applications can be accessed:
  • NS HE – Production and Test environments

What do I need to use APPS.UNSW?

There are several prerequisite steps you need to complete before you can use APPS.UNSW:

1. A zPass password

To access APPS.UNSW you need a zPass password. If you have a SOE Desktop or use the CA Service Desk, you will already be using your zPass password.

If you don’t have an SOE desktop and haven’t yet set up a zPass you will need to do this before you can access APPS.UNSW. Refer to the page ‘How to Create your own zPass password’.

2. A Citrix Receiver client

Any Citrix client version will provide access, however it is recommended you download the latest version as this will give you the full features of APPS.UNSW.

Download the Citrix Client

SOE Desktop users: The new client will be installed on your machine remotely by central IT, and the old client will be removed in the process. If this hasn’t happened at the time of deployment, please raise a Service Request.

Non-SOE Desktop users: It is recommended you get your local IT support team to install the Citrix client for you. You can do this by contacting the IT Service Centre. It is also recommended you uninstall any existing Citrix clients.

3. Individual Applications

The applications that are presented to you when you log in to APPS.UNSW, such as the NS HE application, are dependent on settings created by the administration staff.

If you successfully log in but don’t see the applications you require, please contact the IT Service Centre requesting the application(s) you need. You will need to specify if you need test environments as well as production. For example, if you perform user-acceptance testing in NS HE you will need to specify this as well as production.

NS HE Specific Information

Accessing APPS.UNSW

To access APPS.UNSW navigate to You will be presented with a login screen where you will enter your User ID and zPass password. Note that your User ID for all zPass logins is a ‘z’ followed by your staff number, in the form of z1234567. Do not use an ‘s’ prefix.

Accessing the Test environment
To access the test directory, contact the IT Service Centre. When making the request ensure you ask for a zPass reset in the ‘ADTEST’ directory. If you are not specific, you may get your ordinary zPass reset instead.

The test environment is accessed via Use this link to access the NS HE test environments. Log in to the Test environment using the login details sent to you by the IT Service Desk when you requested your ADTEST reset (above).

Using the APPS.UNSW Interface

When you successfully log in, the system will present you with the applications you have access to. Click the application you wish to access. Please note, you are still required to enter your normal login and password for each application. For example, if you are access NS HE you will need to log in to that app using your NS HE username and password.

apps interface

NSS HE Report Distribution
The HE Report Distribution is now a service accessible via myUNSW. If you regularly generate reports with either Crystal or SPF output, it is recommended you access report distribution via APPS.UNSW because it contains all the required viewers.

To do this, click ‘Start’ from the APPS.UNSW desktop and select myUNSW. Login with your normal MyUNSW User ID and Password. The report distribution can be accessed from the following locations:

  • My Staff Profile tab > My Staff Services channel
  • Academic Admin tab > Student & Academic Admin channel
Internal Contractors
  • Home tab > Utilities channel
Note: you can access HE Report Distribution via a browser on your local machine but you must have the appropriate software to open each report.

The existing Notes report distribution will still be available for a period of time after the myUNSW reports is fully deployed.

There is a quick reference guide available for the Report Distribution service – see the Help section below.

NS Financials Specific Information

Note: nVision has been migrated to

Download User Guides

The following user guides are available to download.
* You will require your staff ID and zPass to download these files.