The new Citrix interface website

Except for NSS HE-Desktop, all Citrix applications have been migrated to the new website:

  • Calumo
  • Financials nVision
  • Prod OneStop Desktop
  • Raiser's Edge Desktop
  • HMDG

Accessing NEWAPPS.UNSW will depend upon whether you are using an IT Standard Operating Environment (SOE) computer.

Accessing NEWAPPS.UNSW from a SOE Computer

Citrix Receiver is integrated with SOE Computer, applications on is required to access via Citrix Receiver.

Accessing NEWAPPS.UNSW from Other Computers

To access NEWAPPS.UNSW navigate to You will be presented with a login screen where you will enter your User ID and zPass password. Note that your User ID for all zPass logins is a 'z' followed by your staff number, in the form of z1234567. Do not use an 's' prefix.

Who can I contact for further information or support?