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Changes to saving MS Office docs

The way UNSW Windows SOE computers save documents is about to change. From 16 Feb 2011 onward Windows SOE computers will create new word documents with the extension of .docx instead of the current .doc.

One noticeable side effect of this change is that when users go to 'Save As...' files in MS Word, their previously saved .doc files will not be visible in the Save As dialog. This is a normal function of MS Word's Save As dialog. Your files are still there, you just can't see them as Word is filtering out (hiding) non .docx files.

Save As dialog from .docx save
If this is an issue, users can temporarily switch the 'Save as type' dropdown to .doc. This will allow them to view their previously saved files. Once this has been done users can save in either .doc or .docx depending on their preference.

Save As dialog from .doc save
Users can also view all files in the Save As dialog by entering *.* in the file name field temporarily, then type in the final file name and extension to save the file.

Save As dialog from *.*
This issue only affects the Save As function. Users can still view both file types when they use the File > Open command or browse files from their Desktop.