Extension Level Billing

Extension Level Billing

Extension Level Billing

UNSW Telephony facilitates extension level billing via the IT at UNSW Finance group. The purpose of this service is recover UNSW call costs and provide visibility of these costs to financial managers within each business area.

The name against an extension is incorrect?

Names appearing in the bill are extracted from the UNSW Directory. Please update the details via myUNSW https://my.unsw.edu.au. Updates on myUNSW will take a day to update in myUNSW.

I am billed for telephones/extensions that don't belong to me.

Please advise us via TelephonyBilling@unsw.edu.au and we will look into the matter. If the numbers do not belong to your School/Division we will move them to the correct bill. If they are found to be yours and you no longer require these lines, complete a RWS request via CommsWorks to cancel these lines/extensions.

Can I get a break down of calls?

Yes you can, however it is a detailed process and can take some time. It needs to be submitted via an individual request. The data is not auto-generated to appear on your bills. Requests are usually for numbers that appear to be making a large number of calls or large dollar values. Please send requests to TelephonyBilling@unsw.edu.au

Can my billing summaries be sent electronically?

This feature is now being used to send out quarterly bills. Bills will be emailed as a PDF.

Why do I receive invoices for only small amounts?

All invoices are auto-generated and all charges are passed on, therefore bills with small amounts are sent to all customers.

Why do I receive multiple invoices?

Extensions are often set up at different times. Often the contact person is different with the same School/Division, therefore multiple bills occur.

Can I merge my invoices into a single bill?

Yes. Send a request to TelephonyBilling@unsw.edu.au attaching a copy of the bills that you would like merged into one, with the correct Chatfield and contact person.

How do I change account details? Please email TelephonyBilling@unsw.edu.au with the old and new Chart fields. Attach a copy your latest bill with the extensions you would liked changed


Page Last updated: Monday, December 10th, 2012