Voicemail Services

Voicemail Services

Voicemail access numbers

Internal - from your UNSW extension (desk phone): Dial 58222

Internal – from someone else's UNSW extension (desk phone) : Dial 58222 - on answer, enter * # then your extension number

External - from outside UNSW or via mobile phones : Dial (02) 9385 8222 - on answer, enter your extension number

How to get a UNSW Voicemail account

If you don't already have Voicemail for your phone extension contact the IT Service Centre or create your own service centre request via the IT Self-Service web interface. You can also take over an existing voicemail box - for example if you have taken over someone else's role.

How to set up your new voicemail account

Before you can use your voicemail account you must configure your mailbox, which includes creating a security PIN number and recording a personal greeting.

1. Access your voicemail box by dialling 58222
From your UNSW desk phone dial 58222. From elsewhere, dial 9385 8222 and enter your extension number when prompted.

2. Create a new security code, mailbox name and personalised greeting
The first time you dial into your voicemail account you will need to create a security code - which is a set of numbers like a PIN number. Think of a suitable security code/PIN that is 4-15 digits long before you begin. After you enter the default security code, you will be guided through the whole setup process with ample instructions and options. Below is a summary of what you will be prompted to enter.

i. When prompted for a security code, enter the default security code of 1 2 3 4
ii. Enter your preferred security code (PIN number), followed by #
iii. Re-enter your preferred security code, followed by #

You will then be prompted to record your name, for example: "Sam Smith", which is used to identify your mailbox for people leaving voicemail-to-voicemail messages (known as messaging).

iv. Record your name. Press 2 to begin and press 2 to end the recording.
Finally, record a personalised greeting. You should include your name in your greeting as the 'name' recording in step iv is not inserted before personalised greetings. For example: "Hi this is Sam Smith - please leave a message... then press hash for further options or just hang up"

v. Record your personalised greeting. Press 2 to begin and press 2 to end the recording.
vi. Exit the voicemail system by hanging up.

How to set up Call Forwarding

You can set incoming call forwarding to voicemail using these options:

  • Forward No Answer - phone rings, incoming calls go to voicemail if not answered
  • Forward if Busy - incoming calls go directly to voicemail if you are talking on the phone
  • Forward AllDigital phones will not ring, all calls will go to voicemail and the forward button will show as red. Analogue phones will ring one to remind you that you have a forward enabled.
    Only recommended if you do not want to be interrupted by phone calls or you will be away for an extended period.

Using Standard Analogue Handsets - See list of Handsets

Cancel Forwarding: Before setting call forwarding, you need to cancel any existing forwarding

i.   Lift handset -
ii.  To cancel "Forward No Answer" - dial *19 then hangup
iii. To cancel "Forward if Busy" - dial *15 then hangup
iv  To cancel "Forward All" - dial *17 then hangup

Forward to voicemail:

i. Lift handset
ii. To set "Forward No Answer" - dial *18 58222 then hangup
iii To set "Forward if Busy" - dial *14 58222 then hangup

To set "Forward All" (phone will not ring for digital phones) - use this option when you are out of the office for an extended period or to divert all incoming calls to your mobile.

Forward All to voicemail - dial *16 58222 then hangup
Forward All to mobile phone - dial *16 0 enter your mobile number
(Access to an external line is required for external number forwarding)

Now test your voicemail setup by leaving yourself a message then retrieving it using the retrieval instructions below. You can create a speed dial button to retrieve your voicemail. Refer to your handset user guide for instructions.

Using NEC Digital Handsets - See list of Handsets

To cancel forwarding to voicemail service: If your digital handset has an illuminated Call Forwarding function button

i. Seat handset
ii. Press 'Speaker' or (SPKR)
iii. Press the illuminated function button (to turn it off)
iv. Press 'Speaker' or (SPKR) to hangup

Forward to voicemail:

i. Seat handset
ii. Press 'Speaker' or (SPKR)
iii. Press the function button of your choice
iv. Dial 58222
v. Press 'Speaker' or (SPKR) to a hangup

Now test your voicemail setup by leaving yourself a message then retrieving it using the retrieval instructions below. You can create a speed dial button to retrieve your voicemail. Refer to 'Access your voicemail via Speed Dial' below.

Using your voicemail

Retrieving messages and managing voicemail

To retrieve voice messages from your desk phone, dial 58222 then enter your security code (PIN) when prompted. You do not need to enter your extension number when accessing voicemail from your desk phone. To access your messages from another phone, see 'Voicemail access numbers' above.

Voicemail messages main menu

Listen to new messages 1 (optional as messages are auto played as soon as you access voicemail)
Listen to saved messages 5
Record and send a message directly to another voicemail box 2 (you do not speak to the recipient)
Press * at any point to return to the previous menu

Options while listening

Date and time of message 0

Pause playback 1
Back up 5 seconds 3
Back up to the beginning 6
Advance 5 seconds 9

Skip to next message 7
Reply to message/caller 8

Delete message 4
Save the message 5

Forward message directly to another voicemail box 2
Account owner options

Record a new name - e.g. 'Sam Smith' 3 1 5
Record a new personalised greeting 3 1 3
Record an Out of Office greeting 3 6
Change your security code (PIN number) 3 1 4

To exit voicemail - simply hang up

Create an Out of Office greeting

If you intend to be away from your office for a period of time you can set up an 'Out of the Office' greeting. This will notify the caller that you are out of the office and once enabled, no voice messages can be left. This does not overwrite your standard greeting which can be reinstated when your return. Out of Office greetings are created as follows:

  • Access your voicemail
  • Select option 3 - Phone Manager Functions
  • Select Option 6 - Record your Out of Office greeting
  • Ensure that your message notifies callers of your return date and if applicable, an alternative contact during your absence.

When you return from your absence, ensure you disable your Out of Office message feature by accessing your voicemail. You will be prompted to remove your greeting by pressing 4 on your phone's keypad.


Accessing your voicemail via a Speed Dial

For NEC Digital Handsets - See list of Handsets

1. Seat handset
2. Press the 'Feature' or (FNC) button to begin
3. Press the desired Speed Dial button
4. Enter the voicemail access number: 58222
5. Press (RECALL) then (RECALL) again to create a pause
6. Enter your voicemail security PIN number
7. Press the 'Feature' or (FNC) button to end. The display on your phone should read 'speed set' or 'SPD set'.

For Analogue phones - See list of Handsets

Due to the number of models used at UNSW, you will need to refer to your telephone user guide for storing telephone numbers and creating a speed dial.


Additional Information

How do I exit the voicemail system?  You can simply hang up at any stage or press * *

How long are voicemail messages retained (stored)?  Voicemail messages are retained for 14 days. After 14 days voicemail messages are deleted - even if they have not been retrieved. If you require a longer storage time, raise a request with the the IT Service Centre.

What is the recording duration for individual messages? Voicemail messages can be up to three minutes long.

How many voicemail messages can be stored at once? Fifteen voicemail messages can be stored at once.

Do I need to wait for the voicemail menu prompts to complete before entering a menu option? No, you can press the desired menu option at any time and you will advance to the next level.

When reviewing messages, do I need to wait for the voicemail menu options to complete before deleting or moving on to the next message? No, you can press the 4 to delete the massage or 7 to jump to the next message at any time.

Why do I hear different menu options than what I see on the Quick User Guide? The Quick Reference Guide (below) covers the commonly used functions for easy reference and is not intended to be a comprehensive guide.

I have an analogue phone with an answering machine, do I need to setup a voicemail account? No, you only need to set up a voicemail account if you wish to utilise the UNSW Voicemail service. If you decide to use the UNSW Voicemail service you will need to change the configuration on the answering machine - to turn it off or delay the automatic answer function.

When trying to transfer someone to an extension and I get their voicemail, how do I stop the transfer. Press **

Quick Reference guide

For a quick reference guide on how to setup your voicemail and how to use all the features, click here for the downloadable PDF

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