UniWide - Guest Wifi Account Management

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UniWide - Guest Wifi Account Management

UniWide - Guest Wifi Account Management Portal

Guest Wi-Fi is available at Kensington, Paddington and CBD campuses.

To access the self-service Guest Wi-Fi on a personal device, visitors need to navigate to Settings; then Wi-Fi; and select UNSW Guest.

The registration process is as follows:

Step 1 – The visitor will land on a registration screen and be asked to provide their name and e-mail details. They will also need to accept the T&Cs and Privacy Statement before proceeding.

Step 2 – The visitor will land on a welcome screen, informing them that they have temporary (approximately five minutes) access, before being redirected (and landing) on the UNSW home page. At this time, the visitor will need to promptly navigate to their mail account.

Step 3 – The visitor will receive an e-mail, with Activation Link, that must be activated.

Step 4 – The visitor will land on a confirmation screen requesting they confirm (or reject) Wi-Fi access.

Step 5 – The visitor will then land on a final screen, confirming (or denying) Wi-Fi access. Visitors will be provided with eight hours of continuous access. After that time, they can repeat the registration process as often as they wish.

FYI – UNSW staff and students will not be able to access their usual internal systems via Guest Wi-Fi.

Who can I contact for further information or support?

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