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UNSW Username and Passwords

What is my UNSW Username?

Your username for accessing most UNSW online systems such as myUNSW, UNSW Blackboard, UNSW Standard Operating Environment (SOE) computers and the UNSW Exchange Email Service is your UNSW Login ID, which consists of an ‘s’ or ‘z’ followed by your UNSW ID (staff number). This is explained in detail immediately below.

Login ID

The Username or ‘User Name’ field is sometimes labelled ‘Login ID’ or ‘User ID’.

How do I find my UNSW ID (staff number)?
Your UNSW ID (staff number) is the 7-digit number printed on your staff ID card or, if you don't have a UNSW staff ID card, contact your department's administrative office or a HR staff member.

Staff ID card

How do I enter my UNSW Login ID?
When logging in to UNSW online systems, you use a lowercase 's' or 'z' prefix depending on the circumstance. See 'What is my assigned prefix' below.

staff user id

What is my assigned prefix?
Staff who are on the UNSW payroll (that is their pay is managed via NSS HR) are automatically assigned an s or z prefix depending on their date of employment. It is important to note your assigned prefix as follows:

  • staff employed before 29 March 2008 will have an ‘s’ before their staff ID as in s1234567
  • staff employed after 29 March 2008 will have a ‘z’ before their staff ID as in z1234567

Staff whose salaries are funded from non-UNSW sources, such as staff employed via contract agencies or research grants, will be assigned a ‘z’ prefix. Contract Staff who still have an ‘m’ number should apply for a ‘z’ number by filling out an OSA 02 form.