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Windows 7 SOE Upgrade

UNSW IT is developing and deploying a Windows 7 upgrade to the exisiting Windows XP SOE. On this page you will find project updates and timelines, as well as new features and tools available to you.

What is a SOE?

A SOE (Standard Operating Environment) is a collection of standards and components that make up a computer’s desktop environment. The UNSW SOE includes:

  • A Base Operating System (e.g. Windows 7, Mac OS X 10.6)
  • Security Software (e.g. Anti-virus)
  • Common application sets (e.g. MS Office, Firefox)
  • Desktop customisation and configuration

Windows 7 SOE Project

Project Scope:

The Windows 7 SOE upgrade project will:

  1. Design and develop a 64 Bit Windows 7 SOE solution;

  2. Indentify interoperability issues between Win 7 and Enterprise applications and work with application owners to develop solutions

  3. Package Windows 7 64 bit versions of applications that were in use at the start of Semester 1 Session 1 2011. This activity will be limited to the 2011 targeted areas only;

  4. Deployment of the Windows 7 64 bit SOE to the following learning and teaching areas;

    1. CATS seminar rooms

    2. Library public areas

    3. Teaching computer labs for the faculties of Medicine, ASB and Engineering;

  5. Deploy the Windows 7 SOE to Win XP SOE computers that are being refreshed across UNSW Divisions and Faculties and;

  6. Develop an MS Office 2010 package for Windows 7 SOE;

  7. Where there is a 32 bit application that will not run in a 64 bit environment the project will identify alternate software solutions.

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