Services & Support for Students

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Services & Support for Students

Getting started at UNSW - a guide for new students

As a new student at UNSW you will receive a student ID when you collect your student card. You use this as your UNSW username with your zPass to access online resources at UNSW. Each student is automatically assigned a UNSW email address and can use the free student email service. On campus, students with laptops and mobile devices can access the free UniWide wireless service. For more details on these and other services click the links below. If you require support for IT related matters contact the IT Service Centre.

myAccess allows you to access your applications that you would normally only get in the teaching labs virtually. This means you can access them anytime, anywhere that you have an internet connection. Maple, Ansys, Matlab and AutoCAD are just some of the applications already available

UNSW IT Hero Program

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