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The current website is being replaced with revised and improved content.
Please refer to our revised site for the latest content at https://www.myit.unsw.edu.au

Authenticated Network Service (UNSW Colleges)

UNSW IT provides the internet access service for selected UNSW residential colleges. This service operates within the college’s networks only and is not available to users outside of the colleges. Connection is provided to the University Wide Network (UWN) and the Internet at speeds up to 100 Mbps.

Where is this service available?

Authenticated Network Service is available to the following residential colleges:

  • University Terraces, High St, Randwick
  • International House ,2 High St, Kensington
  • High Street Apartments, 46 High St, Randwick
  • Barker Apartments, 39, Barker St, Kensington
  • Mulwaree Apartments, 1 Cowper St, Randwick
  • UNSW Colleges:
    • Fig Tree Hall, Kensington Campus
    • Colombo House, Kensington Campus
    • Basser College, Kensington Campus
    • Goldstein College, Kensington Campus
    • Philip Baxter College, Kensington Campus
    • University Hall, Kensington Campus
  • UniLodge, Corner of Anzac Parade and Lorne Avenue, Kensington

How do I use the Authenticated Network Service?

Setting up your computer
1. Plug the ethernet cable in your room into the ethernet port of your computer. The Authenticated Network Service is not a wireless service.
2. Set your computer's network connection settings to DHCP. In many cases this is the default setting of your computer so try accessing the Authenticated Network Service by just connecting the ethernet cable to your computer and navigating to a website.
3. If you are using a device that does not have a web browser contact UNSW IT to have this device manually registered for you.

To configure you computer to connect via DHCP and access the Authenticated Network Service, please refer to the instructions below:

Logging in to the Authenticated Network Service
You will need to log into the service with your zID and zpass in order to automatically register your computer and enable internet access. Registration of your computer is required every 6 months. Residents who do not have a zID can make arrangements for internet access with residential services.

UniWeb usage meter
There is no usage meter with this service however all connections are bound by the UNSW acceptable use and other applicable policies.

Copyright infringements on UniWide will result in the student losing wireless access with the residential halls and the possibility of a fine. Copyright infringements on the wired connection may result in a loss of the service and a fine. All customers will still be bound by the acceptable use of IT resources.

Costs and Charges

There are no traffic costs with the service or restrictions on access. Authenticated Network Service (UNSW Colleges) is included in the room rental for all KensingtonColleges, Mulwaree Apartments and 66 High Street.

For Unilodge a separate monthly charge is payable. 2014 Charges are outlined below:

  • $150.00 4-6 months
  • $300.00 6-12 months
  • $25.00 per 28 days for less than 4 months

What happens to your old UniWeb account funds?

As UniWeb is shut down UNSW will arrange a refund to any deposited funds that are unused. UNSW IT Finance will contact customers to make arrangements for refunds.