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UNSW Single Sign-on

Web Single Sign-On (wSSO) is a technology that allows you to move between myUNSW, Blackboard or Moodle by only signing on once.
Key features and requirements:

  • Login fields for each wSSO application have been replaced by buttons linked to a central single sign-on screen
  • By logging into one wSSO application, you can potentially access the others without having to log in again
  • You can only access the wSSO interface via one of the wSSO applications. You cannot access the wSSO interface directly
  • Current students must use their zPass for wSSO
  • Students who are logging into myUNSW to accept offers and enroll for the first time can access myUNSW via wSSO using their temporary UniPass. After acceptance and confirmation you can create a zPass.
  • Use only one browser for your wSSO session. For IE7 and below you need to use different tabs in the same browser
Web Single Sign-on overview
How to log in using single sign-on

  1. Access either myUNSW, Blackboard or Moodle as usual
  2. Where the login fields use to be, click the sign-on button or link
  3. Log in via the single sign-on interface with your z student number and zPass
wSSO authentication fields
How to switch single sign-on applications once signed in

Once you have signed in to one wSSO application, simply open another wSSO application and you will be automatically logged in.

What happens when I close one wSSO application?

If you have multiple wSSO applications open and you close one, you will be prompted to switch to another wSSO application or, alternatively, close all open wSSO applications at once.

Switch wSSO applications