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Licence period:
License period 1/5/2019 – 30/4/2020
A new licence is necessary when licences expire on the last day of April each year.
Who can download this software:
Yes Staff/Faculty Yes Students
Install and use software on home or personal computer
Yes Staff (see below) Yes Students
Yes Windows Yes Mac OS X


QSR - NVivo Specific Licensing Conditions

  • For teaching and/or research purposes
  • Use for commercial or revenue generating research/activities is not permitted
  • No separation of components

Working with NVivo 11 for Windows and NVivo for Mac

Users can transfer NVivo projects between NVivo 11 for Windows and NVivo for Mac. Projects will have different file formats, and before converting any projects we recommend users backup their project and understand the cross platform limitations and issues - all data may not successfully convert due to restrictions on data interchange between operating systems. Please note that to work with a project in this way, users must be using the new version of NVivo for Mac with NVivo 11 for Windows, and not a combination of new and old NVivo releases. For example, users can’t work with a project in this way using the first release of NVivo for Mac and NVivo 11 for Windows.

UNSW Software Distribution Licensing Conditions

The software listed above has been purchased as part of a volume licensing agreement between UNSW IT and the software vendors.

  • Licences can be purchased on behalf of faculties, units or staff of the University of New South Wales
  • Licensed Software can be used only for study, research, teaching and administrative purposes for UNSW
  • Licences cannot be used for commercial purposes
  • Anyone who does not fall within the licensed user groups (listed above) for any software product must obtain their copies of the software from a retailer
  • You may create backup copies of the software for archive and restoration purposes except where specifically excluded (see vendor specific conditions above)
  • Purchase of a licence allows you to download the software from the Software Distribution Server except where specifically excluded (see vendor specific conditions above). You will be given access to this server when you purchase the software
  • Manuals are not included

For further information on licensing terms and conditions e-mail the Software Distributor at: itservicecentre@unsw.edu.au