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About the UniPass System

UniPass is a password that you use, together with your UNSW login ID, to accept an offer, access a selection of UNSW Online Services (as listed below). Some schools and faculties also require you to have a UniPass to access their online resources.

Where is UniPass used?

How do I obtain my initial UniPass?

*Pre-enrolment students accepting an offer:
Before you log into myUNSW to accept an offer from UNSW, you will need to create a UniPass. Your UniPass will allow you to access myUNSW until you have accepted the offer and enrolled. For further details on how to accept your offer, please visit Getting Started. Once your acceptance has been confirmed and you have enrolled in at least one class, you must create a zPass and use that for all further access to myUNSW. However, your UniPass will still allow you to access the other UniPass systems listed above. If you have forgotten your initial UniPass, refer to I have lost or forgotten my UniPass below.

Enrolled and continuing students:
New students who have created a UniPass via myUNSW Accept Online can continue to use their UniPass for accessing the services listed above (but not for accessing myUNSW once they have enrolled in their first course). Alternatively, students may receive a UniPass docket containing an initial password from FM Assist when they collect their student card. If you have lost or misplaced this docket, refer to I have lost or forgotten my UniPass below.

How do I use my UniPass?

To access systems using UniPass, you need to enter your UNSW login ID as your username and your UniPass as your password. Your UNSW login ID is a 'z' prefix followed by your UNSW ID (student number) as in z1234567.
For more information on usernames, refer to the usernames page.

Note that if the password field is labelled zPass you need to use your zPass instead (unless it states that it accepts both UniPass and zPass). For information about zPass refer to the zPass pages.

How do I change my UniPass?

You can change your UniPass yourself by logging into UNSW Identity Manager (IDM) web interface. View instructions on how to change your UniPass in IDM. You can also phone the IT Service Centre on 9385 1333 and request a reset over the phone.

I have lost or forgotten my UniPass

If you were provided with a UniPass previously but have lost or forgotten it, you need to phone IT Service Centre on 9385 1333, or visiting the centre's Assistance Counter to have it reset. Alternatively, if you have previously logged into IDM - UNSW Identity Manager and answered the secret questions and answers you can reset your UniPass there. Simply enter your UNSW login ID (z student number) and click the 'Forgot Password?' link.

I can no longer log into myUNSW using my UniPass

For currently enrolled students, myUNSW no longer accepts UniPass passwords, it now requires a zPass password.

For students accepting an offer: refer to Pre-enrolment students accepting an offer above.