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UniWeb - internet access for UNSW colleges

UniWeb is the internet access service for selected UNSW residential colleges. This service runs on the college’s networks only and is not available to users outside of the colleges. The service provides connection to the University Wide Network (UWN) and the Internet at speeds up to 100 Mbps.

How to use the UniWeb service

UniWeb is available to the following residential colleges - Kensington Colleges including Barker Street accommodation and Muwarree Apartments.

Setting up your computer
1. Plug the ethernet cable in your room into the ethernet port of your computer. UniWeb is not a wireless service.
2. Set your computer's network connection settings to DHCP. In many cases this is the default setting of your computer so try accessing UniWeb by just connecting the ethernet cable to your computer and logging in to UniWeb.

To configure you computer to connect via DHCP and access UniWeb, refer to the instructions below:

Logging in to UniWeb
Once your computer is set up you need to log into the UniWeb home page via the link below. It is recommended that you bookmark the UniWeb home page for future reference.

Use your UNSW login ID and UniPass to log into web UniWeb. You can visit UNSW based web sites for free (eg myUNSW, Blackboard, Library, zMail, etc.) but you must have a credit balance in your UniWeb account before you can browse non-UNSW sites, access email or use a chat client etc. See 'Paying for UniWeb' below.

UniWeb usage meter
When you log into UniWeb or open a web browser a pop-up usage meter window appears. Once you have funds in your UniWeb account you use this window to set a limit on how much of your funds you wish to spend in any connection session.

Note: ensure your web browser allows pop-ups for the UniWeb usage meter. If the meter is missing look at the top of your current web page for a pop-up warning message.

Logging out of UniWeb
To stop using UniWeb, click the 'Logout' button in the usage meter window. If your turn your computer off your UniWeb session will end.

Note however that simply closing your web browser will NOT end your session. Always log out using the usage meter window.

If your session is idle for more than 30 minutes (that is, if none of your internet applications send information or check for new email for more than 30 minutes) you may be automatically logged out of UniWeb.

More information on using UniWeb can be found by clicking the 'Help' button or visiting

Costs and Charges

UniWeb is charged at a flat rate of $0.0022 per MB ($2.20 per GB) including GST, for both downloads and uploads at any time of the day or night. You are only charged when you access resources outside of the UNSW network. Access to resources on the UNSW network such as myUNSW, UNSW Library online resources and Blackboard is free. There are no monthly access or set up fees. UniWeb access charges reflect the costs incurred by UNSW for internet traffic through our service provider and the costs associated with the ongoing maintenance of the service.

Paying for UniWeb

UniWeb is a prepaid service, so you must have some money in your UniWeb account before you can access internet services outside of the UNSW network.

Checking your UniWeb account balance
You can check your UniWeb account balance when you log into the College Online Payment System at Your balance is listed above the 'Amount to pay' fields. Alternatively, when you select ‘All my available money’ on the UniWeb home page, it will display what credit you have left.

Online credit card payments
Pay online via the College Online Payment System Log in using your Student Login ID in the form of z1234567 and your UniPass password.

Credit Card payments in person
Pay via credit card by visiting the IT Service Centre.

Cash and EFTPOS payments
You can pay via cash, credit card, EFTPOS or cheque at the UNSW Cashier's Office, lower ground floor of the Chancellery, near Student Central. Note that you still need to take your payment receipt to the IT Service Centre to have your UniWeb account credited.

What happens to your UniWeb account funds when you leave university?

As UniWeb is only available to current students, you will no longer be able to continue using UniWeb after you have graduated or ceased studying at UNSW. Your UniWeb account will be deactivated around 3 months after you have finished studying at UNSW.

No Refunds Policy
When you leave UNSW your UniWeb account will be deactivated. Any credit remaining on your UniWeb account at that time cannot be refunded. However here are two options of what you can do with your remaining credit prior to leaving UNSW:

Run down your balance
Continue to use your UniWeb account until it runs low of funds then top up in small increments only as required.

Transfer your balance
You can transfer your UniWeb balance to another student or staff member and make private arrangements with them for reimbursement. To transfer your balance, visit the IT Service Centre with your student card and the student or staff number of the person you want the funds transferred to.