UniWide Setup Guide for Mobile Devices

UniWide Setup Guide for Mobile Devices

Setting up for iOS:

Some mobile devices may not require configuration and use the correct settings by default, only prompting you for a username and password.

If you have a mobile device that supports WPA2-Enterprise with PEAP authentication, you should configure it with the settings below before you connect. This includes Apple iPhones, iPad and iPod Touches using iPhone 2.0 (or higher) software.
Network Name/SSID: uniwide
Identity/Username: zID (e.g.z1234567)
Password: zPass
Wireless Security: WPA2-Enterprise
EAP Method: PEAP
Key Type/Encryption Cipher: AES-CCMP (TKIP/MIC is no longer supported)
Phase2 Type: MSCHAPv2

Setting up for Android:

Turn on WIFI and select uniwide. Key in the following configuration. Use zID for Identity and zpass for Password.

Android 7+

Some mobile phones and tablets (particularly Samsung Android phones) do not have the required CA certificate installed. These devices would not have the “Use system certificates” option. Additional steps are needed to allow for a secure connection in this case.

What does the CA certificate do?

It validates that the WIFI network your mobile device is connecting to is the real UNSW network.

How to download the certificate?

  • Go to the official QuoVadis website:
  • Please find the "QuoVadis Root CA2 G3" in the list and use "Download as DER" link to download certificate file.
  • If your phone does not automatically open the downloaded certificate file, you may need to manually tap the file name you download "quovadis_rca2g3_der.cer" to install the ertificate. You may be asked for your phone's screen lock PIN/biometric authentication (e.g. fingerprint) to authorise the installation process.
  • Give a name for the "Certificate name:". You can give it any name ( e.g.: "unsw wifi" ) which will only be for you to identify it when you need to select it from the user certificate drop-down menu.
  • Under "Credential use:" menu, please select "Wi-Fi", then tap "OK" to finish the installation.
  • Connect to uniwide as per the above settings. When you get to the Select Certificate dropdown, you should now also see the new "unsw wifi" certificate that you've previously installed and be able select it.

What does it mean if ‘Do Not Validate’ option was selected? Or if you Trust the network without the correct certificate?

By choosing this option, you are not doing a 3rd party validation that the network you are connecting to is the real UNSW UniWide network. If a network is pretending to be UniWide (say someone creates a hotspot and names it UniWide), and you connect to it, your log in information (and other details) could potentially be at risk.

Unless you are absolutely sure that you are connecting to the UNSW network, we encourage you to download the certificate manually before connecting. This only needs to be done once unless you opt to forget the UNSW network in your device – in which case you need to do the process again.

Who can I contact for further information or support?

Page Last updated: Thursday, March 31th, 2016