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UNSW Usernames and Passwords

What is my UNSW Username?

Your username for accessing most UNSW online systems such as myUNSW, Moodle and other IT services is your UNSW Login ID, which consists of a ‘z’ followed by your UNSW ID (student number). This is explained in detail immediately below.

authentication dialog

The Username or ‘User Name’ field is sometimes labelled ‘Login ID’ or ‘User ID’.

How do I find my UNSW ID (student number)?
Your UNSW ID (student number) is the 7-digit number printed on your student ID card. If you don't yet have a student card it can be found in your Letter of Offer.

Student ID card

How do I enter my UNSW Login ID?
When logging in to UNSW online systems, enter a ‘z’ prefix followed by your your UNSW ID (student number).

Login ID

What passwords do I use on UNSW online systems?

UNSW Online Systems

Most primary UNSW online systems use zPass. These services include:

  • myUNSW
  • UniWide wireless
  • IDM Self-Service
  • Blackboard
  • Library Online Services
  • UNSW Exchange Email Service (Postgraduate students only)
  • UNSW File Service (Postgraduate students only)
  • View more zPass services

The UniPass password system is being phased out and is used on a limited number of legacy services.View more on UniPass.

Other UNSW passwords
Systems other than those referenced above may use authentication systems unique to their environment. If you are trying to log into a faculty or research system for example, you should contact the local IT support for that resource or contact the IT Service Centre.

Where do I use and manage my zPass password?

For more information on these passwords, refer to the zPass pages.

Where do I set or change my UNSW email alias?

You can set or change your email alias via the Identity Manager self-service site.